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Superior Solar Power Products

We build every solar energy system with leading American-made solar power technology, including the best performing solar panels, most efficient inverters, and highest quality materials available

Customized Solar System Package For You

Discounts offered for larger solar systems
Discounts also offered for seniors, active military, and veterans
Ask us about our best price guarantee!

Solar Only

  • Any solar energy system size and energy offset that is right for you
  • Use grid energy when you need it
  • Excess energy generated is sent onto the grid for a utility credit
  • Free 24/7 online production monitoring

    Solar + EV Charging

    • All the benefits of the Solar Only option
    • Power your EV with solar energy
    • Level 2 EV charger for fast charging

      Solar + Battery Storage

      • All the benefits of Solar Only option
      • Battery storage for nighttime consumption
      • Battery storage for grid outages

        Solar + EV Charger + Battery Storage

        Combine all of the benefits of the Solar Only, EV Charger, and Battery Storage packages to create the ultimate solar package to meet all your needs!

        We Only Use the Highest-Quality Products in the Solar Energy Industry

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        The Best Warranty in the Solar Power Industry

        30-year-warranty with systems expected to last 40+ years

        Our Solar Energy System Packages

        As a leader in the solar industry, we understand that every home is different, and that each client has unique solar energy and battery storage needs. Through our personal commitment to each client, we aim to create the right solar power system for you.

        Roof Mount

        Solar panels mounted to your roof with secure and watertight racking.

        Ground Mount

        Solar panels mounted to high-quality steel racking in your yard.

        The Best Solar Panel For You

        High Quality Silfab

        • American made
        • Sleek all-black design
        • High efficiency module

          Premium LG

          • American made
          • Sleek all-black design
          • High efficiency module
          • Industry leading power output warranty
            *Other solar panel brands available upon request

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